EyeFocus accepted 47 eye-care companies onto the two programs, ranging from early stage startups, to advanced scale-ups, and from assistive living through to medical devices and biotech

      Aston EyeTech


      Spin-out of Aston University's School of Optometry and Bio-Medical Engineering Department. The developing product range - based on about 5 years R&D work by the academics - includes: Decision support software for optometrists using advanced mathematics and artificial intelligence to improve accuracy of diagnosis and to help them increase sales through more personalised product recommendations. A range of eye test instrumentation designed to be as effective but much more portable and affordable than conventional equipment. Other products covering: Dry Eye diagnosis and management; the collation and analysis of clinical trials data; productivity gains in the domiciliary sector; to aid online sales of optical wear.


      Palestine - Estonia

      A touch pen that allows blind people to read/write over smartphones and tablets, effectively translating text on their screens into braille.

      DB Glove

      Italy - www.dbglove.com

      dbGLOVE is a patented wearable device that enables blind and deaf-blind people to live independently and get access to information, communication, and social inclusion. The deaf-blind can wear the device on the left hand, and they can type messages on their own palm, as on a keyboard. dbGLOVE incorporated the array of sensors and actuators that compose the input and the output subsystem into a pad that can be worn on the palm of the left hand as if it was a glove, and connected to a computer. By doing this, the deaf-blind can type on their own hand, instead of that of the receiver. Input is acquired and processed as a command to the PC (e.g., open application), or as a message to be displayed to another individual (e.g., I want to eat). dbGLOVE also includes a tactile monitor, so the deaf-blind can receive messages in the form of tactile stimulation, as if someone was typing on their palm. Responses can be received by the user in the form of vibrotactile stimulation at different intensity and frequency that simulate touch and pinch cues, as if someone was typing on their hand. As a result, the device is able to provide the user with bidirectional communication. dbGLOVE requires no additional effort to the deaf-blind who already know the Malossi language.

      Project Ray

      RAY is a mobile device and integrated cloud service that provides an all-inclusive, easy-to-use, and cost saving solution – perfectly adapted for the needs and preferences of visually impaired people and their family members. RAY is the best of breed mobile device for 45 million people worldwide.


      Sourcio Company has developed a mobile app called Eye Care Plus. Eye Care Plus is a comprehensive vision testing and improvement app which: helps prevent eye diseases with early identification; supports and improves vision through trainings; and raises eye health awareness. It also features direct ophthalmological consultancy through our collaboration with vision professionals. This is the ultimate app that incorporates eye tests, trainings, and extensive learning in a cool, playing mode. Launched in early 2014, it currently has around 10,000 daily active users. Its global reach - with more than 200,000 downloads, wide coverage, and simplicity - makes Eye Care Plus your go-to vision support app!


      Italy - www.tooteko.com

      Tooteko is a smart ring that allows you to navigate any 3D surface with your finger tips and receive audio content that is relevant to the part of the surface you are touching. Tooteko is made of three elements: a high-tech ring, a tactile surface tagged with NFC sensors, and an app for tablet or smartphone. The ring detects and reads the NFC tags and, thanks to the Tooteko app, communicates in wireless mode with the smart device. During the tactile navigation of the surface, when the finger reaches a hotspot, the ring identifies the NFC tag and activates - through the app - the audio track related to that hotspot. Thus a relevant piece of audio content relates to each hotspot. Tooteko is based upon low cost technology and can be applied to 3D objects such as statues, architectures, works of art or design, but also to thermoformed sheets and other tactile supports commonly used for education of the visually impaired.


      France - www.suricog.fr

      Suricog develops solutions that allow the eye to interact with any object looked at, and this can be done in real time and mobility conditions. Its technologies are based on embedded boards integrated with any type of mount bezel or headphones. They comprise 10 people, based in Paris in the 15th (Starburst incubator). Their model is "fabless" BtoB, ranging from support for the development of a demonstrator in real conditions to mass deployment of the solution. Suricog was a winner of the Scientipole Initiative Prize in seed stage.



      Ocuplus develops intelligent software for desktops, smartphones, and tablets, as well as augmented reality glasses by which visually impaired people are able almost fully to participate in professional and daily life. To allow visually impaired users to process information from things like restaurant menus, the document is first digitized by a camera in a smartphone. It is then processed by their intelligent software, which is able to understand the visual information within the picture. It extracts and understands the contents of the image, summarizes it, and then returns the results to the user, using a standard smartphone or tablet.

      Optica Technology

      Hong Kong

      Optica Technology have developed algorithms that help people who are colour blind to see colours properly. They have developed a phone app that changes the colours on the phone, but more complex is a process to allow a 3D television to show a program that a normally sighted person can view alongside someone who is colour blind. The colour blind person would wear 3D glasses that convert the image so they can see the colours properly.



      ImHealth seeks to design, develop, and market innovative mobile/web solutions that address acute problems in developing world health systems. Two technologies have already been developed by mHealth’s founders, who are app developers, health professionals, and entrepreneurs. Retinoblastoma is a curable eye cancer that currently kills most children who contract the condition in Africa. The most common early sign of retinoblastoma is a white glow in the eye (leukocoria), which can be seen in flash photographs. With the current standard screening procedure, most healthcare providers fail to detect retinoblastoma. mHealth’s mRetin mobile app addresses this problem by use of a smartphone camera, so automating and simplifying the process. The app also integrates an ehealth record that stores and shares reports electronically for retinoblastoma treatment.

      6 over 6

      Israel - www.6over6.com

      6over6 delivers a novel digital/mobile health platform that allows every user to get their required prescription using their smartphone: our groundbreaking mobile application provides the same functionality found in every optometrist clinic.


      America - www.sunu.io

      Sunu is creating wearable technology that augments human perception. Our award-winning product, SunuTM Band is improving the navigation experience for people living with eye disease and blindness. SunuTM Band, is a beautifully designed smart-watch with a discreetly embedded sonar sensor. By combining echolocation-proximity sensing with precision haptic feedback, SunuTM Band reduces unwanted accidents as well as the stress and anxiety of independent travel. SunuTM Band connects to low-power Bluetooth beacons like SunuTM Tag for personal article tracking. Sunu is partnered with the largest organizations serving the visually impaired, experts like Daniel Kish and the premier eye clinics like the Mass Eye & Ear in Boston. Sunu’s first production run is already sold-out, with delivery scheduled for late fall. Our team, recently featured in SharkTank Mexico, is now partnered with investor Carlos Bremer. Sunu is the 2014 MassChallenge Gold Award winner, the Perkins Assistive Technology Prize and the 2015 LATAM Concordia XCala award.



      Ocutrack seeks to develop eye-tracking software for the screening of oculomotor dysfunction. Up to 60% of children may be misdiagnosed with a learning disorder, when they actually have a vision problem. Current hardware and software technologies used for the diagnosis of eye-tracking problems are outdated, expensive, and rare. Ocutrack want to leverage existing mobile camera technology with the power of scalable software to make eye-tracking available to more patients for less money.

      Arthurs Eyes

      A small tagline

      Arthur’s Eye is focused on vision training for strabismic amblyopia in children and the young - within the context of a distributed citizen science experiment. They are actively participating in research uncovering the neuroscience of vision, whilst broadening the awareness and acceptance of vision training as a necessary and important aspect of treatment for amblyopia within the medical community. They are using angel investment to test whether or not they can reach a sufficient volume of parents, whose children are affected by this condition. Profitability will not be at the expense of affordability - they aim to be affordable to parents across the globe and at the lowest income levels, by leveraging the mobile phone as their delivery platform.

      Ibis Vision

      IbisVision has developed Ring of Sight, a revolutionary test, which not only provides more reliable clinical information, but patients actually enjoy using it. The software, and its associated “off the shelf” hardware, is an enhancement to existing equipment and takes up no floor space and it’s inexpensive. The RingOfSight is a new and unique visual field test, specifically designed for the early detection of glaucoma and follow-up care. The application will be made available via the cloud within the next twelve months, with the existing platform (beta) already being evaluated in live client environments. Whilst initial focus will be on health professionals, later development includes provision of a version specifically designed for home use by patients.


      Canada - www.retispec.com

      RetiSpec is developing a non-invasive eye scanner for early detection of Alzheimer’s Disease. RetiSpec’s product will be a catalyst for AD research, dramatically reduce diagnostic costs and will open the window to proactive, rather than reactive, treatment of the disease.

      Psytech Level


      An outcome of an EyeFocus Idea Hack, Psytech Level is a wearable device which incorporates motion sensors, powered by an intelligent algorithm for monitoring and correcting body posture. The device provides haptic feedback which allows the person to engage in a process of self-correction. Improving body posture helps reduce the problems caused by loss of sight and increase wellbeing.

      EyeYon Medical

      Israel - www.eye-yon.com

      Eye-Yon Medical is a start-up company specializing in developing medical ophthalmic devices offering unique solutions for complications resulting from various corneal diseases, including corneal edema. Eye-Yon Medical provides innovative, patent protected solutions that proved feasibility for corneal healing, including corneal edema.

      Eye Control

      Eyecontrol is the new affordable solution for locked in patients, that allows them to communicate using eye movements only. Based on a new technology, EyeControl will be a LowCost solution approachable for any ALS patient.

      Pykus Therapeutics

      Harvard Innovation Lab, US - www.pykustherapeutics.com

      At the end of most retinal surgeries, a temporary “tamponade agent” is left in the eye to maintain an outward pressure against the retina, which promotes healing and seals any breaks. The two tamponade agents that are clinically available, expansile gas and silicone oil, have major limitations, such as continuous face-down positioning after surgery, ineffective protection for retinal detachments in the bottom half of the eye, poor post-operative vision, the inability to travel by airplane for many months, and for silicone oil the need to have a second surgery to remove it. Recognizing the burden this imposes on patients, Pykus Therepeutics have developed a unique hydrogel polymer that provides a 360-degree tamponade force, is optically clear and biodegradable, and most importantly, eliminates the need for post-operative patient positioning.


      America - www.ceeable.com

      Ceeable Inc. was formed in 2014 with the intent of advancing and fully commercializing Dr. Wolfgang Fink’s revolutionary tablet-based visual field analyzer technology. The company envisions CVFA as the first of many products that will disrupt the traditional forms of patient ocular assessment, diagnosis and treatment. The company intends to accomplish this by providing innovative software-based solutions that will run on low cost commodity and ubiquitous hardware. This approach will serve as an alternative to the status-quo in the medical industry, which is typically dependent on expensive, bulky, and dedicated hardware products. The company also intends to offer its medical products through a non-traditional “software as a service” model (SAAS) where its software is cloud-based and licensed for use by clients on a subscription basis.

      DreamUp Vision

      DreamUp Vision builds an innovative retinal analysis engine based on the state-of-the art machine learning known as deep learning. It performs a quick detection of complicated patterns in retinal images.

      20/20 Optimeyes

      Canada, McMaster University - www.mcmaster.ca

      20/20 Optimeyes (Optimeyes) is a start-up company, founded in August 2015, that develops transformative solutions for ocular diseases that would improve the quality of life for millions of patients worldwide. Currently, Optimeyes is advancing the commercialization of a patented solution to treat dry eye disease (DED), which affects over 5 million Americans based on recent studies. Based on industrial feedback, Optimeyes is de-risking a mucoadhesive, polymeric micelle containing cyclosporine A, an off patent drug currently used in DED treatments, by completing pre-clinical and phase 1 clinical trials.


      India - www.eye-d.in

      Eye-D app is an accessible app (currently available only on Android) with provides visually impaired interfaces. The app can be used by visually impaired across the globe to be location aware, explore and navigate nearby places of interest. It also helps them in evaluating surroundings by identifying objects, reading text labels, newspaper, forms etc. The app is capable of interpreting objects and text from images shared with it.

      Eye-D Keypad (patent pending) is world first portable accessible wireless keypad that attaches with smartphones of any screen size and compatible all android smartphones. It is designed to revolutionize smartphone experience for visually impaired for completely eye free use. The Keypad has full QWERTY layout with 8 hotkeys for frequently performed tasks. Eye-D keypad coupled with Eye-D provides best in class smartphone experience. User can assign and configure keystrokes for convenience. The Keypad has its own battery and lasts for 4days with normal use.


      FaTHER is a startup having the mission to enable both for blind or visually impaired and senior citizens with other disabilities, the independence of movement in urban settings. FaTHER aims to manufacture and market innovative products and accessibility solutions to address this goal. Our solution (Feel The Route) is directed to targeted consumer, and will be delivered either directly or via NGOs / Government agencies that support the visually impaired or senior citizens.

      Cyber Optical Supply

      Cyber Optical Supply is a subsidiary of Lens For Less, a discount eyewear distributor based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with service in parts of the Caribbean, Latin and North America. They offer a discount wholesaler providing service to healthcare professionals from around the globe and are devoted to providing quality optical products at competitive discount prices, servicing demographics from children’s eyewear to adults, and more.

      Mag Optics

      UK - US - www.magoptics.com

      MAG Optics Ltd, is an emerging ophthalmic medical device company, focusing on the research and development of Intraocular Lens (IOL) and corneal implants. We are headquartered in the UK. People care about their eyesight. For many, it’s one of the most personal, emotional and precious gifts. When it is challenged, there is an urgent need to address. The combination of a rapidly aging population and increasingly longer, more active lifestyles is driving an unprecedented demand for innovation in ophthalmic care and options. Whether it’s the challenges of presbyopia and cataracts as we age, or flexible, care-free options for treating near/far sightedness, astigmatism – all eyes are on novel and robust solutions that deliver superior patient outcomes. And MAG Optics is there at the forefront of innovating.


      Israel - www.letsjug.com

      Storyball is a connected smart toy that bridges between real and imagination. A gamified hand-held platform with unique content that stimulates senses, motor skills and mind without relying on screens. Storyball offers social and individual gaming while strengthening memory, coordination, concentration, rhythmic senses and precision. Above all – Storyball provides hours of fun!


      Innovision is trying to improve the quality of life of the 39 million blind people across the world with special focus on their education and employment. BrailleMe enables a visually impaired user to read and type digital content in their own script of Braille by means of a 20 cell Braille screen, Braille keypad and navigation buttons. It works both as a Braille tablet in stand-alone mode with SD card - as a substitute for Braille kit in schools and paired with computer, smart phone etc via Bluetooth for applications in employment for Data entry, BPO, coding etc. The prototypes of BrailleMe have been field tested with blind institutes such as NAB, XRCVC, Enable India, Sarthak Educational Trust, Nasscom Foundation, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment in India and NBP, NFB and Perkins School for the Blind in the US.


      Japan - www.bloo.vision

      BLOO is the new, non-invasive, binocular training for lazy eye (amblyopia). BLOO's system was developed around 3 key targets, "effective", "efficient" and "economical".


      America - www.eyenetra.com 

      EyeNetra is an award winning technology developed at MIT Media Lab. EyeNetra develops mobile phone eye diagnostics that measures the correction of users' vision. The first device is called NETRA-G, consisting of a low cost clip-on eyepiece that attaches to a smart phone and allows anyone to administer a simple and quick eye test for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, and receive measurements for an eyeglass prescription. EyeNetra plans to be at the forefront of the mHealth revolution by creating a suite of mobile eye diagnostics that integrate to a cloud-based platform that brokers new business between patients and providers + vendors.

      Oswald Foundation

      Oswald Foundation is an accessibility technology company based in India. Their mission is to build new technologies that help people grow, and do it in a manner promoting accessibility and equality. Founders Anand Chowdhary and Nishant Gadihoke started Oswald Foundation by building a free reading solution for people with dyslexia (now called Valmiki) at AngelHack Delhi and officially founded the company in 2016.


      Okimo has developed a revolutionary yet easy way to measure and monitor eye movements and visual tracking disorders. Customers are schools, parents, and Behavioural Optometrists.


      Eyecalm, developed with Liverpool University, is a clinician-led clinical decision support app that accurately identifies dry eye syndrome - one of the commonest ocular maladies worldwide. Eyecalm explains to patients why they are suffering their symptoms and symptoms control based on accepted best practice.


      Wayfindr is a non-profit organisation, that was founded as a direct result of work done by the Royal London Society for Blind People’s (RLSB) Youth Forum and ustwo in 2014. They are creating a benchmark in standards for digital wayfinding on mobile devices. Their aim is to empower vision impaired people to overcome isolation, through audio based navigation.

      Bioni Tech

      BioniXTech is an innovative company that has developed Braille Pad , a tablet for the visually impaired (blind) allowing them to get the information they need, access the internet, read e-books and join social networks.


      Belgium - www.easee.online

      A full, unassisted online eye exam. All you need is 20 minutes, a computer and a smart phone. You are now able to get your eyes tested from the comfort of your home or office.Test results are verified by registered optometrists or ophthalmologists. Prescriptions are then delivered to you digitally. This will save waiting time, travel and costs.



      3Cloud by Yumé is a soothing thermal therapy, designed to help relieve dry, puffy and tired eyes. Easy to use. Friendly for Travel. Foundational for your eye health. This hardware device addresses problems with tear ducts and dry eye.

      Smart Optometry

      Smart OptometryTM application is an interactive smartphone and tablet application for eye screening and quick diagnosis. First of its kind – it provides eye-care practitioners with a simple to use, fast, precise and interactive experience. Smart Optometry brings freshness and innovation to the eye-care profession. It promotes eye health, educates the public and motivates clients to collaborate effectively.


      Harvard Innovation Lab, US - www.plenoptika.com

      PlenOptika is disrupting the barriers to eyeglasses/eyeglass prescription for billions of people worldwide with our device, the QuickSee. The QuickSee is a low-cost, handheld device that allows anyone to accurately and reliably identify the eyeglasses needed for vision correction with the push of a button. It streamlines the efficiency of training refractionists and the refraction procedure itself, reduces the cost and space constraints of traditional autorefractors, and saves time and money for eye care providers and optical retailers.

      Feed of Me

      Finland - www.feedofme.com

      Feed of Me is a cloud-based platform, where personal social media, like Facebook and Twitter, news and entertainment services are combined and transferred into audible content and mixed together with music services like Spotify and Pandora. The user can select the voice of the feed from 100 different dialects. The platform supports and detects automatically 34 languages.


      Germany - www.app4eyes.de

      This program can detect and document distortions (metamorphopsias) or visual field defects (scotomas) and illustrate any changes. The profes- sional version also provides a graphical representation of changes. The AMD team have created versions for Windows and Android. The App has been checked and approved by www.heise.de/software (an IT jour- nal), and the scientific background will be presented on ARVO (abstract was accepted in January 2015).


      Estonia - www.vttntm.com

      All computers and mobiles have microchips inside. Microchips have become smaller, so need more precise optical systems with tight quality assurance and testing. Difrotec offers an industrial solution for testing optics, with accuracy 100 times greater than is currently available on the market. Their patented technology helps optics manufacturers save tens of thousands of Euros - instead of using many devices for quality assur- ance, they only need a single tool.


      Give Vision is building the world's first real time video-to-audio wearable device, designed specifically for people affected by sight loss. SightPlus is a revolutionary electronic headset that allows people with visual impairment to see again. It is a wearable, hands-free, portable device, that uses state-of-the-art technology to enhance your remaining sight and bring the world around you back into focus.